Age: 5

General Summery
Little Lourdes (or Lulu, as she is affectionately known) was born with Down syndrome and has a moderate intellectual disability. She also suffers from dental problems and is lactose intolerant. Lulu is a sweet, kind-hearted individual who is always concerned with the welfare of her classmates and who tries to help with everything. Lulu attends the Arco Iris School five days a week where she participates in group activities, recreation (especially dance) and individual therapy to stimulate her functional skills. She is a very cheerful and interactive student, who hardly misses a day of class and is always happy to study. Lulu would benefit from donations towards a surgery to improve her heart condition and for dental surgery.

My Small Help needs a monthly donation of 429 soles (approximately 100 pounds) to ensure that Lourdes Mariana can continue to go to school on the My Small Help school bus.

A monthly donation to sponsor Lourdes Mariana will help cover the costs of running a school bus for Lourdes Mariana and 11 other children to continue to attend a special school in the nearest village. By attending a special school Lourdes Mariana benefits from the access to an education, physiotherapy and a daily healthy meal as well as giving his mother an opportunity to go out to work whilst he is at school.

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