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Name: Anjana
Age: 12

General Summery
Anjana is 12 years old young girl. Her father left her she was just few months. After few years even her mother married another man. She was having difficult time living with her mother as she was not well accepted by her new father. She is now taken care by her mother’s younger sister Saru Lama who is also the teacher of one of the school. Anjana came to Kathmandu from her far remote village to live with mother’s sister Saru Lama. Saru is a very kind hearted school teacher and has given shelter to many other children so that they are not deprived of education. Saru contacted member of MSH Nepal to find some support for Anjana. Anjana is currently studing in grade 6 and we are looking for a sponsor as she does not have any school related materials like dress, book, bags and more.