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Who are we?

MySmallHelp (‘MSH’) is a UK registered charity that works to improve the welfare and education of disabled and disadvantaged children and young adults and their families in the developing world, especially Nepal and Peru. The charity was founded by Leander Hollings in 2008 and the beneficiaries helped and the locations where MSH works reflect her personal journey and passionate concern to change young lives for the better.

Who runs the charity?

Leander is our Founder Trustee and she is supported by three other Trustees with wide ranging business and governance experience as well as many other donors, fundraisers and volunteers that share her vision.

The charity is regulated by the Charity Commission in the UK. We produce an annual report to explain our work, achievements, income and expenditure. This is all published on our website in the UK section.

How do we work?

We achieve our goals by forming close partnerships with overseas charities that operate in areas of need, understand their local communities and can deliver great programmes directly to the people that need help most. We provide funding to these partners in line with the specified wishes of MSH donors and our policies.

Although Leander has played an important role in helping to found our partner charities in the developing world, they are not controlled by MSH and they run their own programmes according to local governance standards and needs. We always encourage our partner charities to work develop their own network of supporters and donors in addition to MSH in the UK to provide the best service to their beneficiaries.

Our main partner charities are:

My Small Help, Nepal
My Small Help, Peru

Each of these charities has a section of this website to explain their own story and plans for the future in more detail.

How can I help?

We are always keen to get new people involved in MSH. New donors, fundraisers and volunteers to assist with administration are always welcome. However, please note that we do not run a programme in the UK to send volunteers out to partner charities, as these volunteer programmes are all organised locally by MSH Nepal and MSH Peru.