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Welcome to My Small Help

My Small Help’s vision is to provide immediate assistance to people in need whilst getting to know these individuals and working with them to develop a long term sustainable income plan, negating the need for further handouts, thus avoiding a culture of dependency. MSH believes that the best way to relieve poverty is through the provision of education and skills training to people who otherwise would not have access such programs. See what’s new with our work – or make a difference by volunteering or donating.


Sponsor a child

From just 10 pound a month for a part sponsorship. We are currently looking for sponsors for children in Nepal and Peru.


Be a Volunteer

We are always happy to hear from volunteers. You can see the current positions available in Peru, Nepal and the UK on the volunteer pages of each country page.


Give up a Beer

MySmallHelp was set up in January 2007 when we found 70 people to “give up a beer” each month to provide access to an education for a child in Nepal. Five years later MySmallHelp is growing and we are now in need of people to “give up a beer” to help us to cover our ongoing costs of the projects in Nepal and Peru. By giving up just one beer each month (3 pounds) you will be helping MySmallHelp to continue to help children and adults in both Nepal and Peru.

For more information about setting up a regular monthly bank standing order to “give up a beer” for MySmallHelp please see our donation page.